Cleaning and drying

Press Agglomerator

Type: WPA

With a WiPa dosing container, a wide variety of materials such as film chips, fibers, foams, etc. are reliably fed to the downstream processes with only a low energy input. The success of the WiPa dosing containers are the innovative conveyor rails, which, when the conveyor rails move forward, allow the slides to fold out, thus powerfully conveying the material in the discharge direction.

Press Agglomerator

Automatic distance adjustment

The automatic distance adjustment of the pan grinder impellers to the die surface allows the material friction process (with heat factor) for compaction, instead of in the die holes, to be shifted to the pan grinder chamber and allows quality changes of the pellets during operation. This friction displacement enables significant die savings by eliminating the need for adjusted die thicknesses for a fixed pellet quality. With the automatic distance adjustment, a pelletizing process can take place that produces a homogeneous final pellet from different input pellets, which is significant for pellet and granule quality. Friction conditions enable material disintegrations of composite materials that are otherwise difficult to achieve. The latter process takes place mainly with short die holes of 10 – 16 mm.

Automatic control of the speed of the roller wheels

The speed of the pan grinder wheels is controlled fully automatically and synchronously with the feed. Recipe preselection for a specified PELLET quality. Recipes allow variable material distribution between the pan grinder impellers and variable material strokes in the die, ensuring consistent pellet quality.

The die cooling

If the temperature specification is exceeded, cooling with adjustable range of the die is automatically switched on. If the material pressure between the pan grinder and the die does not drop to the specified pressure, e.g. for wood, paper and biowaste, a liquid/water mist device with adjustable metering can be switched on automatically. Furthermore, other liquids can be dosed which positively enhance the pelleting process.


  • Switching on the die cooling device according to the temperature preset range
  • Connection of water mist device

Pellet length

The speed of the knock-off device located under the die can be continuously adjusted,
whereby different individual lengths of the pellets can be generated.

Function monitoring

An automatic function monitoring with oil cooling, overload protection with soft start incl. Reversing control of the pan grinder head is standard. A round silo with discharge cone and soulless, output-controlled discharge screw is used for uniform metering of the material quantity.

Outstanding processing diversity




All data at a glance

Drive motor
37 – 45 KW
Drive unit
Dies diameter
600 mm
Pan grinder diameter
250 mm
Die hole diameter
4 – 16 mm
Pellet length
5 – 25 mm
approx. 1800 Kg
up to 600 Kg/h input
(depending on bulk density and pellet diameter)

Throughput rates and technical data are empirical values and may vary depending on the material.