Cone Sifter

Cleaning and drying Material is fed into the top of the classifier and falls by gravity onto a cone below. The fines are extracted through a pipe connected to the side in the upper area. The heavy material falls downwards out of the classifier unit. The selectivity can be controlled manually via an air control […]

Zig Zag Sifter

Cleaning and drying The material is entered at the top of the classifier. Via a rotary valve, the material to be separated is transferred without pressure into the zigzag shaft of the classifier, in which it trickles down due to gravity and repeatedly bounces against the individual stages. A transport blower, which is used to […]

Sink Float Tank

Cleaning and drying The WiPa Frictionwasher type FW is used for intensive washing, but also for dewatering of plastics. Technical details The process Explanation using the example of PP/PE separation in PET bottle recycling: The pre-shredded material is fed into the separation tank via 2 screws below the water surfaces. Since PET is heavier than […]

Soaking Screw

Separate Cleaning and drying WIPA pre-washing screws are used for washing, rinsing, soaking and separating sinking contaminants such as stones, sand or glass. Technical details THE PROCESS The material is fed into a prewash tank at the bottom of the prewash screw and pressed under water by paddle rollers. The material is then conveyed to […]