Plast Compactor

Cleaning and drying,Condense The WiPa Plast Compactor or of the PC series is used for the gentle compaction of plastics with a low bulk density, for example: – Fibers– Foils– Stretch film– Foams– Powder– Dust During the process in the WiPa Plast Compactor compactor, the bulk density of the plastic is increased, thus the plastic […]

Soaking Screw

Separate Cleaning and drying WIPA pre-washing screws are used for washing, rinsing, soaking and separating sinking contaminants such as stones, sand or glass. Technical details THE PROCESS The material is fed into a prewash tank at the bottom of the prewash screw and pressed under water by paddle rollers. The material is then conveyed to […]

Mechanical Cleaner

Cleaning and drying WIPA Intensive Cleaner type MD can be used for cleaning plastics with and without water. Furthermore, this machine serves as a dryer, e.g. at the end of a washing line. Dry cleanerIntensive cleaning of plastic regrind without water. Centrifugal dryerDrying of plastic regrind. Washing centrifugeEffective cleaning with water. Technical details The process […]


Cleaning and drying The WiPa Frictionwasher type FW is used for intensive washing, but also for dewatering of plastics. Technical details The process The material is fed into the bottom of the friction washer/separator and conveyed to the top by the throwing vanes mounted on the internal rotor. During transport, the material is repeatedly thrown […]